I will only sit on a throne, says vegan dinner party guest

A vegan dinner party guest has made a special request to sit on an oversized, bejeweled chair befitting a sovereign head of state. According to insiders, the ceremonial seat must be raised at least 2 inches above the head of the tallest, carnivorous diner.

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Teenagers begging parents to stop using emojis

Teenagers are pleading with their parents to stop using emojis. 16 year-old Katy Smith has threatened legal action if she receives one more flying dolphin or monkey covering his eyes. 

Apocalypse imminent after teen smartphone goes missing

The Universe will implode at midnight if a teenager's smartphone is not recovered, it has emerged. Cosmologists warned today that the 'Big Crunch' is highly likely unless a Samsung Galaxy J3 can be returned to a deeply tormented adolescent.

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6am gym freak must be silenced, warn colleagues

Office workers have agreed that their smug 'gym-before-work' colleague will be viciously gagged, if he mentions his morning workout routine again.

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