"Why is it the first time I'm hearing about this?" asks office wanker

An obnoxious tosser has been asking why he was the last to know about a matter of negligible significance. He has been shouting quite loudly for some time because he really wants to be heard. Insufferable office manager Steve Parker, who will no doubt lose some sleep tonight, is bawling that he was completely unaware of an email entitled ‘Stationery cupboard low on pens’.

“Communication within this company just infuriates me,” said Steve, after tweeting the same remark to his 3 online followers including his Mum and Aunty Jean. “The silo mentality is toxic and we need to break down organisational barriers so that fundamental knowledge is shared. This firm is a breeding ground for interdepartmental turf wars, and we must implement some basic cross-functional solutions.”

It was later discovered that Steve runs his own family business and that his only 2 support staff, wife Jenny and daughter Emma, utterly despise him.

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