North Korea rejects Photobomb Non-Proliferation Treaty
This week, North Korean teletubby Kim Jong Un has strained relations with UN member states by refusing to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Photobombs. The happy-go-lucky despot has called on all war-mongering nations to 'lighten up and embrace the fun of unprovoked sabotage'.

"It's only a harmless prank", remarked the cheeky tyrant at the launch of a new concentration camp in North Hamgyong province. "Why the sad face Mr Obama? It's not like I'm extending our uranium enrichment programme to build nukes. LOL! I've been a victim of photobombing too. Even though I had the traitor fed to starving dogs, I still managed a smile. You should relax, have a beer, test a missile, kill a dissident, just chill the f@ck out."

During the first congress of the Workers Party since 1980, the 33 year-old leader also boasted of "unprecedented accomplishments" in photobomb capabilities, a swipe directly aimed at the international community. To rapturous applause, Kim then announced that he was bored and wanted a bucket of fried chicken.

Speaking from the White House, President Obama responded, "The rejection of a perfectly legitimate agreement to global photographic stability should not be taken lightly. What we cannot entertain is the apocalyptic possibility that North Korea will one day possess the unthinkable: a High-Definition Videobomb."

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