Man triumphant after reading whole page of book without checking phone

A man is feeling a deep sense of pride after reading 283 consecutive words without checking his phone. 26 year-old Paul Hopkins from Surrey realised his ambition after months of gruelling practice, which began with complex sentences before transitioning to entire paragraphs.

“I didn’t take everything in, because it was so hard to concentrate,” said Paul, after sharing news of his success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and updating his transferable skills on LinkedIn. “The book was about a boy on a train I think. Luckily, I hadn't missed any significant developments on social media...except a really funny video of a cat and a blowtorch, which I'd like to have watched sooner, given the chance."

Paul’s long-term ambitions include having a face-to-face conversation with his girlfriend for longer than 90 seconds, and completing any sports-based challenge but keeping it to himself.

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