Japanese boy left alone in woods plans similar ordeal at Tokyo Disneyland

The Japanese boy left alone for 6 nights in a bear-inhabited forest is secretly planning to receive a similar punishment at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Yamato Tanooka will grant his father forgiveness on condition that the family’s next holiday takes place at Japan’s most popular theme park. The 7 year-old revealed to close friends that he hopes to be deserted near Space Mountain after choosing to behave like a spiteful little brat.

“Daddy gets really mad sometimes,” Yamato told reporters this morning, after explaining how he had pummelled a bear in the woods. “When I was 5 years old he left me on top of Mount Fuji because I had moaned about being cold. A year later I found myself abandoned inside the lion enclosure at Tokyo Zoo. I had only asked about ice cream. Mummy’s no help. She just stands there and weeps. So I’m going to throw stones at Minnie Mouse and call her a filthy whore. That should get me at least another week on my own.”

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