"Everything happens for a reason", says detained pregnant teen addict

Speaking from her youth detention centre in Feltham, expectant 16 year-old Danielle Barnes, who is also addicted to crack, still believes in the notion of fate. She trusts that all events in her life, including an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show, have been predestined and are building towards an unforgettable climax. Her community liason officer, Kate Wallis, believes that Danielle's stoic approach will help her through the forthcoming judicial process alleging a number of stolen cars.

Danielle spoke to Our Daily Bread, "It's just all meant to be. I bloody know it. From the paternity test proving Gaz was the father, to the fight with that fucking bitch Jade outside Lidl; it's all been part of the plan. I honestly don't feel like I've put a foot wrong in fulfilling my destiny."

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