Employers to lower recruitment costs through Tinder

Organisations will begin to share job specifications on the mobile dating application Tinder, targeting specific candidates based solely on their photos. By swiping left or right the jobseeker can also decide whether the role is suitable. If there is agreement the job is awarded to the applicant on a first-come first-matched basis. The terms of the offer and acceptance are then finalised through the messaging interface. Initial research has found the new concept to be most popular with male executives trying to recruit personal assistants.

Recruitment consultant Scott Evans commented, "Who needs application forms, psychometric tests and a protracted interview process when you can recruit with a swipe? Not only does this novel approach save time and money, but it can mitigate the intolerable burden of ugly employees. One of our clients sought a chemical engineer. The right candidate turned out to be a sexually attractive brunette with interests in cycling, skiing and wine. She also had a butterfly tattoo on her back. Perfect at a first glance. We later discovered that her qualifications were not particularly relevant but she's a quick learner and looks fantastic in a lab coat."

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