Customers waiting nearly 72 hours for happy hour cocktails

A bar selling happy hour cocktails has been told to get more f**king staff. The protest started last week after customers waited nearly 72 hours to receive their margaritas. The East London venue could unfortunately not provide pillows and sleeping bags for the horde of weary punters who considered a group suicide pact. One woman in the queue began writing a novel, whilst a man tried to complete a 50,000 piece jigsaw puzzle before his Pina Coladas arrived. A large group of friends decided to act out the entire works of William Shakespeare, prior to brushing their teeth and getting some shut-eye.

 “There were 70 people at the bar and 2 members of staff," said Pete Denton a city-based insurance broker. “But one of them was a glass collector. Happy hour was between 7 and 8pm on Thursday, and I received my 2 mojitos late Sunday afternoon just after 4pm. Disappointing really because I couldn't taste the alcohol, and the amount of crushed ice was farcical. I'd paid £14 and waited long enough to miss my own wedding, so it wasn't a great weekend. At least the bar made a killing."

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