Custodial sentence for man who forgot to set out-of-office reply

An office worker has been sentenced to 5 years in prison after failing to set an out-of-office reply. Judge Phillip Jackson, at Blackfriars Crown Court, told former business analyst Simon Abbot, 34, that despite mitigating circumstances, the 'indictable offence' warranted an extended prison term. 

The jury deliberated for only 45 minutes to unanimously establish 'guilt by digital negligence'. As the verdict was read out there were cries of 'justice' and 'you evil bastard' from traumatised colleagues who still had not received an automated response.

"He has expressed no remorse for his countless victims," remarked co-worker Lucy White, who is still reeling from an unacknowledged email about a budget forecast. She concluded, "A family holiday in Tenerife should never have inflicted this much suffering".

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