Schoolboy expresses concern over 'lack of creative risk' in packed lunch

9 year-old school pupil, Geoffrey Sharp, today bemoaned the death of originality in his Marvel Comics Retro Lunchbox. After a frustrating few weeks, where he felt embarrassed to eat with friends Tom and Sally, he decided to escalate the worry to his form tutor. Miss Simmons told him that she felt powerless in the matter, and that he should address the issue directly with his supplier.

Geoffrey was allowed to speak to us under the supervision of his tutor:

"Mum used to write a lot of short stories and poetry, but a month ago it suddenly stopped. I don’t know why. I noticed a similar decline in her imagination when preparing my lunch. It used to be a treasure chest of novelty and surprise, but it's become rather formulaic. The pesto focaccia with pastrami has become a sausage roll. Instead of Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade I get a Robinsons Fruit Shoot. But worst of all, the small French cheeseboard with chutney is now just a Mini Babybel."

He continued, "I want Mum to rekindle that creative spark in how she sources and prepares my food. What is this life without the highest ambition? What I ultimately see in my lunchbox is a loss of hope."

His Mum responded, "The ungrateful little arsehole told you what? Tell him to ask his father to do it then."

Geoffrey is now eating school dinners.

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